Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the largest fishery producer in the region, with a 2 440 km coastline along the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, and a 740 km coastline in the north along the southern part of the Caspian Sea. Fishery for tuna and tuna-like species is a major component in large pelagic fisheries in Iran and one of the most important activities in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and offshore waters. Gillnet and purse seine are the two main fishing methods used by Iranian vessels to target large pelagic species (especially tuna and tuna-like species) in the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Area of Competence. In 2018, 5,992 fishing crafts were engaged in fishing for large pelagic species. Of this, about 1,221 were actively fishing for tuna and tuna-like species. In 2018, the total catch of large pelagic species was 314,000 t and around 275,000 t comprised of tuna and tuna-like species in the Indian Ocean. Of this, 70% were tuna (220 000 t), 11.1% was seerfish, (35,000 t), 6.5% was billfish
(21,000 t) and the rest were different species of sharks and other species.

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